Household, Ormeau Road area, Belfast, 24 – 26 August 2012

Household map
Household map

Within a square mile between Ormeau Park and Rosetta Park, over one weekend, five young curators set up events, exhibitions, performances in private homes. Alternative spaces for exhibitions is well versed an idea, even in Belfast. Around the last pre-Catalyst Arts year, possibly 1993, Karen Vaughan, Derval FitzGerald and Áine Nic Giolla Coda organised a meeting of artist to discuss and agree upon alternative display places and strategies. They failed because their peers lacked trust in the idea. The idea needed almost a decade to develop simultaneously in many places; to name just one charming embodiment, artists in East London meet in Fintan Friel’s studio the first Friday of each month in an open-studio event named Mere Coincidence? Several Household curators have experience with opening a private space for art events, e.g. Ciara Hickey at Delawab, Sighle Bhreathnach-Cashel at Residences ( – as do quite a few of the participating artists.

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