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Keef Winter

Keef Winter: I had no idea, Platform Arts, Belfast, 7 – 28 February 2013 In three days time there will be a three-hour-long event, “Demolition  and Whiskey Sours” to mark the end of the exhibition, turning it into a participatory … Continue reading

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First published  in the catalogue The 43 uses of Drawing, 2011:6-9 Recently, a curator chastised Richard Serra for saying “in terms of drawing – ideas, metaphors, emotions, language structures result from the act of doing”; she insisted that drawing was … Continue reading


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East-West Performance Art – Portale Internazionale d’arte Huma3

1st published by in 2009 As a founding member of Bbeyond ( Brian Patterson juggles his profile from art to organizing art events. This time he got a helping hand from Boris Nieslony who built up a large network … Continue reading

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Dermot Seymour

Dermot Seymour: Des Bêtes et des Hommes 1st publ. on on April 4, 2012 A retrospective of Seymour’s paintings has opened on 15th December 2011 at the Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast, titled Fish,Flesh and Fowl. It is destined to … Continue reading

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Ambulatorio 2012

I copied this from, where it appeared last year: Ambulatorio, 9th July 2012, Belfast, an installation for three weeks.Slavka Sverakova, 2012-08-04 Three days after the launch of the installation of glass grid with aerial photographs of Belfast, rioting groups and … Continue reading

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Sharon Kelly

Sharon Kelly: The Liminal Space of the Runner The Gallery, Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast, January 25 – February 16, 2013 Ninety works on paper  and a video are comfortably and beautifully displayed in the three rooms of the  gallery at … Continue reading

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Craig Cox at Satis House

Satis House is a “school of missing studies” (with apologies to Bik Van der Pol, see that provides for both an  artist and a viewer a learning space for important competencies to deal with ideas. In some way it … Continue reading

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