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Colin Darke at Suki Tea 2015 Art prize at Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast, 25th February -26th March 2016

The Snow-White Rose of Paradise (2015, 170 x 230 cm)  is made with partly empty toothpaste tubes with pennies and magnets attached. A part of the content has been squeezed out before the assembly of the relief assemblage, with almost … Continue reading

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Bbeyond at Ulster Museum, Belfast, 12th March 2016

  They called it INTER-BEING, durational performances. Here, on the steps, ascending, Dorothea Serror carries a silver head box, and,  Linda Montano holds a  silver bucket  before descending and getting out of the building, to light a fire of sorts. … Continue reading


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Chris Wilson, Dwelling Place, The Oriel Gallery, Antrim Castle Gardens, 28 January – 5th March 2016

Belfast street map, standardised small houses (he made those as metal objects/ sculptures earlier) black abstraction – those are three stable characteristics of Wilson’s early work. The transformatory power of what is legible and what is erased forges a metamorphosis: … Continue reading

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