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Islands & Myths, Belfast Exposed, 29 June – 18 August 2018

MESSAGE TO MY FOLLOWERS: NOT ENOUGH SPACE  on this blog, WordPress says. I have now published this post on my ‘Part 2’ site, here, and a slightly different version on My main blog site continues at slavkasverakovapart2 • Please be sure to … Continue reading


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Marilyn Arsem at Transactions, Belfast, 3 May, 2018.

Sitting on a bench in front of the Castle Court shopping centre in Belfast, Arsem did some hand sewing.  At her feet two bags – one with bodies and heads of  soft toys she bought whole but dismembered, the other … Continue reading

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Brian Wallace, Pieces, June 2018, Engine Room Gallery, Belfast

This kind of playful courage to reminisce on gestural abstract expressionism belongs to this painter’s youth and memory of it.  The broken world of strong hues without attachment to a story  or an object is naturally suitable to express a … Continue reading

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Mark Francis Fenning, Polaroid Boys, Ards Art Centre, until 30 June 2018

During a passive contemplation it all looked like polaroids: white framed,  round frame, no frame, and assemblage.  As if multitude of sameness were exercised to include differences. As images of male persons, faces or torsos, they tell of identities.  Until … Continue reading

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Sarah Wren Wilson, A Meddlesome Meeting, The Sunburst Gallery Newtownards, June 2018

  Two of the eighteen exhibits  blur the distinction between ” an object” and ” a process”,  that defines the whole exhibition.  Made of plaster and pigment  the horizontal  floor assembly (below)  differs from the  curvilinear “blobs” installed in the … Continue reading

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