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End of Year Degree Shows, Ulster University, Belfast, 2018 :Karl Hagan

This reproduction subtracts, distorts the dynamics of Hagan’s brush marks, they are like solid  coat of paint, whereas  the surface in real viewing is a gossamer of vapours. Even where it is  divided  by breaking line,  the hue flirts with  … Continue reading

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End of the Year Shows, Ulster University, Belfast, 2018, part 2: Szabo and Canning

  Attila Szabo mines the rich vein of power of play, imagination and science: ” I enjoy combining art with electronics. Art that comes alive using the magic of technology and technology that brings people together instead of replacing them.” … Continue reading

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End of Year Shows, UU, Belfast, 2018 June 8 for a week

I have managed to see painting and sculpture only. The tenor of the exhibited work was to make visual thoughts accessible in some familiar material that should move the viewer to relinquish the fear of the new.  Sufficiently different from the … Continue reading

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After an Act. Golden Thread Gallery Belfast, 26th May – 14th July 2018

I just read that Boo Saville  sands back painted layers until the canvas gleams. (   Vanishing of  brushstrokes and tones  until the canvas shines   vanishes also a  painting canon like  the albertian window, gesture paintings etc.  Reminds me of Hans Magnus … Continue reading

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