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  1. Hey slavka,
    Hope you’re well.

    I am contacting you in relation to a group show that i have co- organized and exhibited work in at platform arts entitled Proxy Special . I would be really nice if you could get a chance to checkout the show before it closes this weekend. We will also be in the space documenting the works all day Monday.


  2. Dear Slavka Sverakova
    Great Blog!
    We are an artist duo from Denmark. We are coming to Belfast in beginning of January to open our solo show “Homeland Security” at Platform Arts. Hope you would like to see the show or meet up with us for a talk – we will be in Belfast from January 5th-9th. If interested we can send you more information about the show.
    Best wishes,
    Sofie Hesselholdt & Vibeke Mejlvang


    • Thank you. I’ll browse your website, and will try to come to meet you next January in Belfast – you will make up my half a dozen of Danish friends… Best wishes, Slavka.


  3. Dear Slavka, Great – hope we will meet in Belfast! You have quite a lot of Danish friends – our Irish friends can be counted on one half hand:-) So far.


  4. Slavka, I am sending you an invitation to my exhibition which opens in The Market Place Theatre and Arts Centre on 20 February. Its title is: ‘There is No Single Answer’. In a series of paintings and drawings I focus on what Prof. R. Prinn of MIT has described as the most threatening thing that humans will have to face in the next 100 years: climate change. It also responds to the book The God Species: How the Planet Can Survive the Age of Humans’ by Mark Lynas who argues that we are acting as God in killing off everything that threatens our survival in the hunt for energy. There is a deceptive beauty inherent in disaster as evidenced in the work of John Martin, particularly in his ‘The Great Day of His Wrath’. Inherent in the seductive aesthetic of my paintings is a subliminal threat of disaster which is reflected in the titling of the work.


  5. aoifeward says:

    Hi Slavka,

    I’m showing my work in the Belfast School of Art 2016 Degree Show, I hope you’ll be able to attend! My work is part of the Sculpture/Lens show, and I’d like to extend you an invitation to see it.

    Here’s my website: aoife-ward.format.com



  6. Paula Larkin says:

    Hi Slavka,
    I would like to send you some information and an invitation to the next exhibition opening at the Arts&Disability Forum gallery, please contact me at paula@adf.ie with your contact details – we would really be delighted to have you along. The artist is Olivier Fermariello, and he is displaying his Je t’aime moi aussi series of photographic works.
    Kind regards,


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